The Rotorua Cityride bus service will now bypass Wrigley Rd in Fordlands after a "series of incidents" threatened the safety of drivers and passengers.

However, the decision has left one elderly Fordlands resident "grounded".

A spokeswoman for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, which operates the service, said there had been a series of incidents on Wrigley Rd in recent weeks which had put the safety of drivers and passengers at risk.

"As of August 28, we made the decision with Reesby's for our bus services to bypass Wrigley Rd until such time as confidence is gained for the safety and security of drivers and customers."


The Sunnybrook via Fordlands route originally turned from Sunset Rd, down Wrigley Rd, onto Bellingham Cres, Ford Rd and then back onto Sunset. It now goes straight down Sunset Rd.

Gillian Bryant has lived on Bellingham Cres for 19 years and was a regular user of the service, which stopped directly across the road.

"The annoying thing for me is they haven't told anybody.

"I realised it on Tuesday when I saw the bus go past on Sunset, I was sitting out there like a fool."

She said she had seen other users, an elderly lady yesterday and a few women with prams, waiting at the stop too and passed the message on.

"There are five stops along this route; that's five places where people now have to find a different way to get the bus."

Bryant finds it difficult to walk, even with the use of her walker, and prefers to use her mobility scooter when she can.

"The current stop is about 10m from my front door, the drivers have always been so lovely and helped me on and off with my walker.


"I just can't make it to the other stop and getting a taxi would cost about $20, so I am grounded."

Her closest stop now is at the intersection of Sunset and Edmund Rd, which is 650m from her home.

She said "like with everything else in Fordlands" a few bad people were spoiling it for the best.

"There are these wannabes, these naughty muppets who are causing problems, but there's also some damn good people in Fordlands who deserve a bus service."