I'm hearing from a lot of teachers at the moment and they're not happy.

It seems the preferred option when it comes to teaching these days is not to bother.

The teachers I'm hearing from are either quitting or not starting at all and instead, are taking up another career path.

Many are disillusioned that what they perceived as their opportune moment to make some headway, is not quite going to plan.


The latest pay offer of 3 per cent each year for three years hasn't cut the mustard.

The deal on the table doesn't address class sizes or workload, which is a huge bugbear for teachers, and it hasn't offered any fresh funding for special needs children.

That's a shame. And it's a shame for all involved, the special needs kids, the kids around those kids, and the teacher dealing with it all.

But another big daily challenge appears to be the number of social issues coming into the classroom.

Teaching has almost taken on a pseudo-parenting role as well, which it shouldn't have to.

I would've thought addressing those very real issues inside our schools would have been a fundamental tenet to any pay deal.

Yes more money is good, but so are better conditions. Just ask the nurses.

Deals to entice teachers to stay in the industry must also include classroom conditions and sizes.


Teachers and nurses are all too aware that their pay disputes are always contentious, there'll always be the section of society who claim they're moaning too much or that they have it good enough already.

They will offer up arguments like all their holidays, and their short school days.

But ask any teacher and they will tell you, that's not the case.

One teacher texted me this week just after 5am, she was already up preparing for her workday, the workload was immense but her biggest struggle was still to come inside the classroom she said – dealing with difficult students.

And then we see another violent school brawl this week at an Auckland school, so bad it needed the Police to attend.

Who would want to put up with that? What teacher wants to have to be around that level of violence?

Not all teachers are great, but the hard-working ones giving it their all, the ones invested in their students and their subjects, they're the ones I feel for.

They deserve a better deal.