An Italian holiday and new Tesla electric car are on the shopping menu for a Christchurch man, who watched his lucky Lotto numbers come up during a television break in MasterChef.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, had been watching the popular cooking programme with his wife on Wednesday when the Lotto draw came on.

He quickly knew he was in luck as the numbers fell in the $5 million draw.

"I picked my lucky numbers about two years ago and have been playing them ever since.


"They're a mixture of numbers that are special to our family – birthdates, former addresses… that kind of thing," he said.

"I saw the first five numbers come out and I knew straight away that they were my numbers, but I was so blown away that I didn't catch sixth number, so couldn't be 100 per cent what we'd won."

Not wanting to get too ahead of himself, the man waited for the results to be published on MyLotto.

"I felt like a cat on hot tin roof, I didn't know what to do with myself. It was the longest 45 minutes of my life," he said.

However, once the scale of the big win kicked in, the couple were swept with a "feeling of elation".

"My wife just started giggling at randomly, it was all quite amazing," he said.

Their first thought was to their children, whom they unintentionally gave a fright.

"We called our kids straight away and told them to come over. They both immediately thought something was wrong," the man said.


"We kept reassuring them that it was good news, but they didn't believe us until they saw the ticket.

"We have also told close friends and they are incredibly happy for us. It's been great."

The family didn't get to bed until well after midnight.

"I honestly don't think we got a wink of sleep on Wednesday night. It was so surreal, we kind of woke on Thursday and thought 'did that actually happen'?"

With the win confirmed and the prize now safely in their bank account, the first thing on the couple's to-do list is to set their kids up.

"The most important thing for us is being able to help out friends and family – once that's taken care of, the world is our oyster," he said.

"We've always wanted to go on a trip to Italy together, so that'll defiantly be on the cards now."

"I am also thinking of upgrading the car. I have always wanted an electric car, so I've already had a quick look at the Tesla website, who knows."

When asked if he had any fears the big win could change his life in a negative way, the man said "not at all" as long as he looked after his family.

"It's about sharing the love," he said.

The winning ticket for Wednesday's draw was sold on the MyLotto site.