New Zealand's latest Lotto millionaire thought he had initially won $6000 but after checking with his wife they realised they had won $6.3 million.

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was having a Sunday morning lie-in when he noticed he had an email from MyLotto, which he thought was "unusual".

"I remembered reading once about a MyLotto winner who said they'd received an email when they'd won a big prize, so that oh maybe I might have won $40 or so," he said.

Logging into his MyLotto account he realised immediately he had won something.


"I turned to my wife and said "Hun, we've won $6,000! Hold on a sec – we have all the numbers … what does that number say to you?" he said.

The man handed his wife his laptop to double check the ticket and that's when they realised they had won.

"That's when I turned to him and said, "that's not $6,000 – that says $6 million. But surely that can't be right," the wife said.

The winner plays his own lucky number each week. Photo / File
The winner plays his own lucky number each week. Photo / File

Both convinced they had made a mistake, the man's wife pulled up MyLotto on her phone to work out what was going on and the numbers matched.

"Sure enough when I opened up the results page and saw that there had been one winner … and there were our numbers.

"Things like this just don't happen to people like us, so we really couldn't believe that we had won $6.3 million," she said.

Hysteria filled the air as the pair burst into laughter with the news that they were Lotto's latest multi-millionaires, heading out to brunch to celebrate.

"It was really hard walking to the local café – we just wanted to walk up to a stranger and say 'Guess what? We just won $6 million with Powerball! We were almost bursting with excitement," the wife said.


The winnings are now safely in the couple's bank account and they have now turned their attention to where they want to spend the money.

"We know that we want to help out our family and set our kids up for the future, but we definitely want to have fun along the way – after all, it's not every day you get this kind of opportunity. We feel incredibly lucky," they said.

The winning ticket was the second MyLotto Powerball win within the week, with a Central Otago player winning $22 million a week prior.