A Foxton man who robbed and raped an elderly woman the second time he invaded her home will serve at least a decade behind bars.

For the 71-year-old victim it was her "worst nightmare" to see her attacker had returned and was standing at the foot of her bed.

"I told you I would come back," Kally Joseph Taylor had said before he raped her.


The victim elected not to attend Taylor's sentencing at the Palmerston North High Court today - she is still haunted by the image of him in her house, startled by others who look like him and has become scared of loud noises.

Justice David Collins sentenced Taylor to preventive detention, which means he will be monitored by Corrections for the rest of his life.

Justice Collins said the woman's victim impact statement had shown courage, grace, and "some of the finest features of humanity".

"She is clearly a very remarkable and stoic woman," Justice Collins said.

The 71-year-old had said Taylor had stolen her "dignity and peace of mind in [her] own home".

In an attempt to "forget and move on" from the first attack last year, when she was bound, gagged and robbed, she had parts of her home repainted.

When Taylor returned to her house earlier this year, he told her it was her fault because she had gone to police.

She was too petrified to move.


Taylor's attacks

On October 13 last year, about 9.20am, Taylor's victim was working in her backyard when he grabbed her and held a knife to her face.

Once inside her home the 39-year-old took her bank cards and demanded she write her pin number on a piece of cardboard.

Taylor then blindfolded the pensioner with a scarf, gagged her, and bound her hands.

He pushed her onto the bed and forced her legs apart to smell her crotch.

Taylor then used scarves to tie the woman to a chair.

The offender stole her Toyota Corolla and fled, withdrawing $1200 at an ATM from her account before abandoning the car.

Then, on January 5 this year, about 4am, the woman's worst fears were realised.

Taylor smashed a window to her home and went to the master bedroom, where his victim was sleeping.

"She woke up with you standing at the foot of her bed, with your face covered," Justice Collins said.

"You said to her: 'I told you I would come back'."

She tried to use her cellphone to call for help but Taylor was threatening, he told her he had killed someone and was wearing that person's clothing, Justice Collins said.

"The victim describes your second attack when she says a small amount of normality was returning to her life, as her 'worst nightmare' coming true.

"When she saw you at the foot of her bed, she says she was 'petrified' and too frightened to move."

Taylor raped her in her bedroom and tried to rape her in her lounge before forcing her to perform oral sex.

"While this was going on, [Taylor] used the victim's cell phone to play pornographic material," Justice Collins said.

The victim recounted at one point she was so physically and mentally exhausted she said Taylor should just kill her as he had threatened to do, Justice Collins said.

"She says she was so desperate for it all to end and she just wanted it over with."

He took the victim's wallet and again demanded her pin number.

Taylor used the knife to cut out several segments of the carpet after noticing his blood had dripped onto the floor.

"You told the victim to get in the back seat of the car," Justice Collins said.

"She complied out of fear for her life."

Taylor withdrew $1000 from the victim's bank account before telling her to get out of the car, and then drove away.

Previous offending

Taylor has 33 previous convictions, including a conviction in 2016 for indecent
assault, and eight convictions for burglary between 2002 and 2016.

He was given a first strike warning in 2016 after the indecent assault.

A 2001 conviction for intimidation involved Taylor masturbating on someone else's property in view of a victim while walking home from a bar at night.

The sentencing

"Any attack on the most vulnerable members of our community is particularly
grave. Your offending is at the far end of the spectrum of seriousness," Justice Collins said.

"The harm done to the victim in this case is unimaginable. You treated her without dignity and prayed on her vulnerability."

A pre-sentence reported concluded Taylor was at a high-risk of reoffending.

Taylor told the court he felt bad about his actions, denied being motivated by sexual fantasy and had struggled with substance abuse from a young age.

He pleaded guilty to all the charges about four months before a trial was scheduled.

For rape, two charges of kidnapping and unlawful sexual connection Taylor was sentenced to preventive detention with a minimum period of imprisonment of 10 years.

Taylor was also sentenced to five years' imprisonment for attempted rape and three years' imprisonment in relation to each of the other charges.

The other charges were: aggravated robbery, robbery and indecent assault.

Taylor's prison sentences will be served concurrently.