A couple whose cow was killed in a series of livestock shootings in January has criticised police for a lack of progress on the investigation.

While some in the community believe a Dunedin teenager and his friend are responsible for the shootings, the teenager's father says the accusations, which first surfaced on social media, are baseless.

The shootings happened during the first week of January at farms near Milton.

Nine sheep and two cattle beasts, a cow and a bull were shot, but no meat was gathered from the animals.


The shot cow belonged to Thomas and Regula Fischli, of Akatore Rd, in rural Milton.

Fischli, who was a police officer in Switzerland before emigrating to New Zealand, said the police response was initially "really good" after one of their Limousin/Angus/Hereford-cross cows, worth $1800, was shot in the head.

That no one had been arrested after more than eight months was frustrating, as was the lack of communication from local officers, he said.

"They always said 'We'll keep you in the loop', but they never did."

Two weeks after the shootings the couple were approached by several people who named a local teen as one of two people allegedly responsible, Fischli said.

Several of the other farmers whose stock were killed also said they were convinced the teenager and his friend were responsible.

Regula Fischli and another farmer, who had two sheep killed, said they had even sent bills for the costs to the father, a prominent local businessman.

Fischli said he and his wife were convinced the teenager was behind the killings.


"Now it's time to face the music. Every action has its consequences," he said.

Three of the farmers whose stock had been shot said they had not been approached by the teenager's father, despite rumours the man was paying farmers to stay silent.

The teenager's father confirmed yesterday he and his son had been spoken to by police, but strongly denied the accusations against the teenager.

The accusations stemmed from stray comments on social media on a post related to the shootings, he said.

"Some idiot mate of his and another kid tagged their names on [a social media page]. That's what happened.

"The farmers have got it all wrong."

The man said he was considering legal action against those naming the teenager.