The National Aquarium of New Zealand says there are no concerns for the welfare of its sharks, despite a picture appearing this week of an injured shark.

Following a trip to the aquarium during the recent school holidays, a member of the public posted a picture on a Napier-focused Facebook page, showing a shark, seemingly with a "bloody nose".

However, a spokesman for the Napier City Council, which owns the aquarium, said the shark in question had been assessed and was well treated.

"The school shark pictured is an old-aged shark who has been at the aquarium for many years. This shark has damaged its nose on the rough concrete rockwork on the bottom of the tank while looking for food.


"We have assessed the shark and, at this stage, the injury is not having a negative impact on its quality of life. The animal's welfare and care is very important, and we make every effort to minimise occurrences like this from happening.

"Unfortunately as the sharks become old, they also become less 'able' and damage easier."

This was not a common occurrence, and no other sharks had damaged noses.

"We strive to provide the best environment for all the animals at the aquarium and over the years we have made many improvements to the tanks to ensure they are shark friendly."

He also pointed out that the nose wound was not a bleeding wound but rather a graze.

"All of the sharks in the tank are well fed. This means that there is no issue with other sharks becoming aggressive or wanting to attack it."