Megan Savory was a surrogate mum for a cousin who couldn't have a baby and says it was a joyful experience.

She has no lasting regrets and says there was no difficulty in parting from the baby, whom she sees often.

A 44-year-old Auckland advertising account director, she gave birth to the baby boy, Louis, by elective caesarean section in January.

A caesarean was chosen at 38 weeks into the pregnancy because the baby had moved into a difficult position for birth.


"My obstetrician said that if it was a spontaneous labour, there will be challenges."

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The idea of becoming a surrogate had begun two-and-a-half years earlier in a drunken conversation at the beach with sisters and cousins.

"My cousin told me of her and her partner's struggles. The only option was adoption or surrogacy. I said, 'I'll do it'.

"Six months later, [the cousin] asked, 'Are you serious?' I said, 'Absolutely I will. I need to check with my husband'.

"He said, 'Why are you asking me? You've already made up your mind'. I said, 'I need your support' and he said, 'Of course'."

So began a long series of meetings - consultation, counselling and legal discussions - which eventually led to medical treatment.

The intending parents, Auckland legal couple Aimee Credin and Harry Waalkens, had embryos available. The "strongest-looking one" was placed in Megan and she immediately became pregnant.


"It happened first crack. We were incredibly lucky in that regard."

Megan, who is married, said their two children, now aged 9 and 10, were told at the time that their mum was having a baby for their aunt and her partner.

Megan said daughter Tallulah, 9, was always quick to explain to others who asked about the pregnancy that her mum was a surrogate.

The surrogacy had been good for her own children. "They feel the positive of doing something for somebody else, which I think is a big thing for them."

When asked if she had difficulty parting from the baby, Megan said, "People say, 'You must have an incredible bond with Louis'.

"He's gorgeous and lovely [but] no more than my nieces or nephews or my cousins' children."


Although she has no lasting regrets about having been a surrogate, Megan does recall a bout of anxiety - a "rush of hormones" and then a burst of tears.

It was towards the end of the pregnancy and, knowing birth can be dangerous, she worried about how her family would cope without her if things went wrong.