Remote-controlled cameras hidden in shampoo bottles have been used to film female guests shower in a Hawke's Bay homestay, a judge has been told in Hastings District Court.

The man made 219 recordings of 34 women in less about three months before he was exposed in February, and yesterday pleaded guilty to 51 charges before Judge Geoff Rea.

He also admitted seven charges each of knowingly making objectionable publications, and of knowingly distributing objectionable publications, and four of publishing an intimate visual recording.

The judge reluctantly granted interim name suppression pending sentencing in Napier District Court in October. The defence sought name suppression to protect the man's wife.


The judge noted the irony that the man had made recordings of the women available to others on an online pornography site, yet wanted to protect his wife, who suffers from a condition that may worsen if he was identified.

The application by defence counsel Matthew Phelps was opposed by Crown prosecutor Steve Manning.

Most of the victims were aged under 30 and showered at times arranged by the man in his running of the guesthouse and he would place the shampoo bottles in position to record moving images displaying the women from shoulder to knee. Images were posted with descriptions.

As part of the investigation the man removed the videos from display and deleted his account.

He was granted bail pending sentence, although the most serious charges carry penalties of up to 14 years' jail.