A seafood company is facing the music over underplaying its fishing numbers.

Sentencing is underway at the Wellington District Court for Hawke's Bay Seafoods sustained under-reporting of bluenose.

The company's directors - Nino and Joe D'Esposito - and factory manager Marcus D'Esposito, pleaded guilty to 130 charges related to under-reporting of fish, falsifying documents and selling unreported fish.

Twenty-seven tonnes of bluenose was under-reported by Hawke's Bay Seafoods over a 12-month period.


It is estimated the company made $253,000 from selling this fish, and avoided more than $200,000 in fees for over-fishing.

Ministry for Primary Industries prosecutor Stephanie Bishop said the significant offending undermines the reputation of the New Zealand fishing industry and has repercussions for the sustainability of the industry.

The sentencing was expected to take three days.