Airbnb has banned a man travelling around Auckland from their accommodation site after he allegedly exposed himself and showed explicit photos to other guests.

The popular homestay style site is reviewing protocol after the male guest, who allegedly made sexual advances to a female guest, was able to proceed with another booking more than a week later.

The Auckland-based host complained to Airbnb immediately after claims the male guest from the Middle East exposed himself and made sexual advances to a female guest at the house.

The host was made aware of the incident and complained to Airbnb immediately.


Despite the complaint, the man remained on the Airbnb site and was able to go ahead with another booking more than a week later.

At the second stay, pre-booked through Airbnb, the man allegedly showed explicit photos of himself to a guest and tried to enter a woman's room at night.

An Airbnb spokesman said they were investigating the initial complaint.

"We have permanently banned this individual from our platform and we will cooperate with local law enforcement to help," a spokesman said.

"We are reviewing our handling of the matter."

The woman who hosted the man at the second house was furious when she learned he had allegedly done the same thing a week earlier.

"I spoke to someone from Airbnb and told them what had happened and only found out through a friend the same thing had happened before," the woman said.

"I can't believe they knew about the other incident and didn't inform me. He was still able to come and stay at my house, putting my family and other guests at risk."


The woman only found out about the earlier complaint after talking to another Airbnb host friend who recognised the man's name.

"I want to know why Airbnb didn't tell me straight away. They have let this person into my house."

The host said her female guest was traumatised by the incident and had left immediately.

"She doesn't want to go to the police so there is nothing they can do," the woman said.

"I feel terrible that this has happened to her at my house."

The woman said the incident had also cost her a three-month booking because the woman was too scared to return to the house.

Police said they had no complaint matching the incident but urged anyone who was victim of any inappropriate behaviour to contact them immediately.