Police, victim and offender families and others have been left with few answers of what turned a Hawke's Bay teenager into a cold killer now sentenced to life imprisonment.

The sentence, with a minimum term of 11 years, was imposed when 18-year-old Rose Page Lewis appeared before Justice David Collins in the High Court in Napier today.

Four weeks ago, she pleaded guilty to the murder and aggravated robbery of Indian national Sandeep Dhiman, who died, aged 30.

He was stabbed and beaten, and left beside remote Matahorua Rd, west of Tutira and north of Napier, on the night of December 17 last year.


Co-offender Shaun Liam Karauria, who, like Lewis, was 17 at the time of the killing, had also pleaded guilty and was also sentenced, on May 25, to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 12 years.

The victim's two brothers watched by AVL from Sydney, and along with their father and mother provided victim impact statements, in which the father said he could no longer celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali without his son.

Crown prosecutor Steve Manning said the Crown accepted that Lewis was very much the "driving force" and the multiple stabbing and killing by Karauria wouldn't have happened without her planning and manipulation.

The two could be treated similarly because of their identical age, and difficult personal backgrounds, Manning said.

Justice Collins said life imprisonment was not manifestly unjust, and nor was a term of 17 years or more, as she had displayed a "total lack of humanity - that is to say you displayed callousness".

The two in the pact were seen to have similar backgrounds.

Lewis had been brought up by her grandparents who died in 2013 and 2014. Shortly after their deaths, Lewis was known to have become involved in the use of alcohol, cannabis, synthetics, methamphetamine, and also developed a tendency to self-harm.

She had also been diagnosed of low IQ, and in the months before the killing had become involved in a relationship in Hamilton with a violent gang member, which she fled on December 4, seeking help from a Women's Refuge.


She tried to lure another Indian national, a complete stranger, via a dating app.

Her plans were to get a car by whatever means she could, even if it meant killing someone, and she used the power of claimed cousin-cousin loyalty to get Karauria to help her achieve her goal, but the first target became suspicious and evaded the trap.

The plot was revealed in text messaging between Lewis and the man who effectively evaded a rendezvous with death.

Between Lewis and Karauria, the plan took shape in the hours before the killing, as Dhiman drove the trio and another man, in his own car, to where he would be killed just two years after arriving in New Zealand from India.

It was when they stopped, near a farm gate 40 minutes from Napier, that front-seat passenger Karauria took Dhiman for a walk, and stabbed him repeatedly in the back, throat, heart and chest with such force it broke the handle off the kitchen knife he'd taken to the scene for the purpose.

He kicked Dhiman in the head and stomped on his face as the victim cried out for help.

He got out of the car to boot him again after Lewis thought she saw Dhiman still moving.

The summary includes transcripts of the messaging, which included Lewis' use of a cellphone bought by Dhiman and given to Lewis on the day before he was killed.

The previous night, Lewis had contacted another Indian male via Tinder, asking what sort of vehicle he had, and she later told an associate she and Karauria were planning to take an Indian for a drive and to kill him.

Lewis and Dhiman had met at least twice previously, and about 1.50pm that day, Lewis texted Dhiman asking if he would pick her up, which he did after driving from Napier before taking her and her female associate to a bottle store.

While Dhiman was inside, Karauria said to Lewis during an exchange of messages "we have got you a new car then cousin", and followed-up with "should we take him out to Otane haha or out to Tutira[?]"

Soon afterwards, while Dhiman was at a takeaway shop in Napier, Lewis told her female associate in the car outside that she was using Dhiman, and that she and Karauria were going to kill him and she wanted his car.

Soon afterwards. while drinking at Dhiman's Napier South address where he cooked the two women a meal, Karauria messaged Lewis saying, "are we serious about this cous?" Lewis replied: "Yo cousin I am."

Further messages, some appended by "haha", "lol" and other text talk, talked of running Dhiman over, smashing him and stabbing him, with Karauria confirming he'd get a butcher knife for the purpose.

They planned to get their victim out of the car at a remote spot where the killing could take place.

When Karauria confirmed, "I'm doing this", Lewis responded: "Thanks cousin love u."

When Dhiman collected Karauria from his address at Lewis' request, Lewis messaged Karauria: "This is a different Indian, go with the flow."

As Dhiman drove them out of Napier to the north, Karauria beside him. Lewis, In the back with the fourth person, continued the phone messaging and when Lewis texted Dhiman had tried to kiss her, Karauria replied: "That's it cous."

It was after 9pm when Dhiman stopped the car and got out, encouraged to go for a talk with Karauria.

The pair climbed over a gate before Karauria carried out the attack. Dhiman managed to climb back over the gate and cry for help before collapsing on the grass verge.

At 8.25 the next morning, Karauria tried to sell Dhiman's car online. About 40 minutes later, the body was discovered, by a truck driver on Matahorua Rd.

Later that day, the other man who had been in the car went to Napier Police Station and told police what had happened.

Soon afterwards Lewis and Karauria appeared at Hastings Police Station accompanied by family members.