A Taupo man has called out "absolutely stupid" driving after a hair-raising incident in which a truck narrowly missed a head-on with an oncoming car while overtaking on double yellow lines.

Dashcam footage of the illegal manoeuvre has been shared on social media.

Puruhi Peachey, who witnessed the shocking driving, has spoken out about the incident, which he said could have easily led to another fatality on New Zealand roads.

He was towing a friend's car from Atiamuri to Taupo on State Highway 1 about 1am today when the truck came up behind him with its high beams on, he said.


"I thought 'what the heck's this guy doing?'"

It was then that the truck pulled out into the opposite lane over the double yellow lines and overtook, despite the fact they were travelling up a hill, and there was a passing lane only 400m away.

"I had nothing to do but pull to the smallest part of the road and drop my speed down as he did his dangerous overtake," Peachey said.

Moments after the truck pulled back into the left lane, an oncoming car shot past.

Peachey said he was driving about 80km/h with his beacon lights on while he towed his friend's car. He was making sure to stop regularly to allow traffic to pass, but said the truck approached quickly from behind and didn't bother to wait.

"I was scared and also for the guy I was towing, I was quite scared."

The pair came to a stop after the incident and called *555 but were told there were no units available.

"I'm still wound up about it. If I hadn't have seen him coming or if I hadn't had the road to pull off on, could I have died?"


Peachey said there was no need for that type of driving.

"It was reckless, absolutely stupid."

After the dashcam footage appeared on social media, Peachey said he was contacted by Mainstream Freight to apologise for their driver's behaviour.

They told him they would be resolving the issue at management level and speaking to the driver, and they would contact him later in the week, he said.

Mainstream has been contacted for comment.

A police spokeswoman said people should call *555 for incidents such as minor, non-injury crashes, continuous poor driving, traffic congestion, breakdowns and obstructions on the highway.

Non-urgent incidents that are minor or no longer continuing to be a danger to the public could be reported through a Community Roadwatch report online or at a nearby police station.

Life-threatening driving should be reported to police by calling 111.