A heartbroken family is still waiting for answers more than a month on from the mysterious death of a young mum.

Jynelle Courtney Northover, 28, the mother of a 7-year-old daughter, was found dead in a Hamilton home in mid-June.

Police said last month that it appeared she had died from a non-violent death.

Waikato police detective senior sergeant Stephen Ambler said at the time that "she had no injuries. There's been no violence in relation to her death, not a single injury on her body recorded. There's no apparent reason for her to die."


The death is now the subject to toxicology and ESR testing. Last week police said the investigation was still "continuing".

Talking for the first time publicly about the tragedy, Jynelle's grandmother, Janice Northover, said family were desperate to find out how their loved one died.

"We don't know what happened," she said.

"The police told us there were no abrasions or injuries on her. She had a healthy body."

Northover said her granddaughter was the most "beautiful girl" who touched everyone she met.

She loved sports and played rugby, netball and waka ama.

"She wasn't always perfect but she was a good kid. If she could help anybody she would," Northover said.

As the traumatised family wait for answers, Northover said they had been upset by speculation and innuendo about what happened to Jynelle.


"We have been hearing some shocking things around town," she said. "[Things like] 'she was this, she was that' … but Jynelle was Jynelle … that's what I loved about her."

Jynelle was found dead at someone else's home in Aurora Terrace, Hillcrest.

Her grandmother said the mother of one had organised a lift with a friend – who she described as a "pretty reliable sort of lad" – to attend a tangi in Tokoroa.

Jynelle and her daughter had lived with her parents, who Northover revealed were "taking it really bad".

Jynelle's daughter is now being cared for by her father.

Northover is celebrating her 80th birthday next weekend and the two people who were going to be with her are no longer here for her - her late husband and now Jynelle.

"When she was little she was my husband's right-hand man. When he died Jynelle said, 'Don't worry nan, I'll be here at your 80th- I'll be there to take your hand'."