ACC bosses are yet to budge after more than two-thirds of its senior doctors have walked off the job this morning.

Since November ACC staff have been fighting for an increased redundancy payout, acknowledgement of wellbeing and a 1 per cent pay increase per year.

But after getting shut down time and time again, the doctors have had a gutsful, says Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS)'s senior industrial officer Lloyd Woods.

From 8am this morning, 39 senior doctors from around the country opted to strike for four hours.


"It's only the second time ever that we can recall senior doctors in New Zealand going on strike," Woods said.

The union representative said taking strike action was quite a valuable process of basically showing the employer that they were serious.

"Hopefully they've got that message after looking around the office and seeing the empty desks."

But he said he'd hadn't heard a peep from ACC since their latest mediation look place about three weeks ago.

"We gave them two weeks' notice of the strike and heard nothing.

"What we are hoping is that ACC come and talk to us and say, 'look, let's get around the table and discuss it'," Woods said.

ACC spokesman James Funnell said negotiations stalled because ASMS was seeking salary increases and redundancy provisions over and above those offered to all other ACC employees.

Woods disagreed, saying claims were restrained and reasonable and they were gobsmacked that ACC was acting as if they had asked for gold-plated desks and dancing unicorns.


"They're not exactly asking for the moon and the stars.

"ACC is a government organisation with the express purpose of promoting prevention, care and recovery – yet they won't include a statement on wellbeing in an employment agreement for a small group of their employees. Come on ACC, you can do better," Woods said.

If the union didn't hear from the employers then further strikes would continue next Wednesday.

"Next week it will be public action," Woods said.

Future strikes are planned for:

• Wednesday July 25, 1pm–5pm
• Thursday August 2, 8am–noon
• Friday August 10, 1pm–5pm
• Monday August 13, 8am–noon


Funnell said contingency plans were in place to minimise client disruptions.