Police say no victims have yet to come forward following a video posted on Facebook alleging former community leader and politician Awanui Black was a paedophile.

His widow Anihera Zhou Black made the allegations against her husband, who died in 2016, over the weekend.

Detective Inspector Mark Loper said police are continuing to seek further information after speaking to Anihera Black regarding allegations.

"Based on the information available to us at this time, no victims have come forward to police and no victims have been identified," he said.


"All allegations are taken seriously and we are committed to building a relationship of trust to receive the information police need to progress this matter."

Loper said police were continuing to gather further information and were keen to hear from anyone who may have been affected.

"We welcome contact from anyone who wishes to share information with us about the allegations.

"We have compassionate staff who will listen very carefully to what victims have to say," Loper said.

"Any information which is given to us will be carefully assessed by specialist staff, who can also ensure the right support services are available. "

People could contact their local police station or the Adult Sexual Assault team on ASA@police.govt.nz.