A baby has been rescued from a car after a police chase in Porirua.

A police spokesperson said officers were called to a family harm incident in Cannons Creek shortly after nine this morning.

As they arrived at the property they saw a man leaving and tried to stop him.

But he failed to do so and police gave chase.


NZ Herald photographer Mark Mitchell said he was standing near the Paremata bridge on State Highway 1, Mana Esplanade, when he saw a white sedan drive past followed by a police dog van and patrol car.

He said the officers had sirens and lights going but were travelling at normal speed heading north.

Mitchell followed and saw police had laid road spikes out on Ulric St near the Plimmerton roundabout.

However, the car was successfully brought to a halt in Plimmerton Dr without the spikes being used.

Police said a 26-year-old man was arrested and charged with failing to stop and dangerous driving.

He has also been issued a Police Safety Order in relation to the alleged family harm.

The spokesperson said the baby has been returned safely to its Cannons Creek home.

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