An Auckland tattoo studio operator has pleaded guilty after a minor was inked without the permission of their parents.

Hyun Ok Kim, the operator and director of Ink on Tattoo 75 along Auckland's Queen St, was charged by the Auckland Council under the Health and Hygiene Bylaw 2013.

Along with the tattooist, Aaron Vandenberg, who was convicted and fined last month, it is the first prosecution of its kind by Auckland Council.

Kim was sentenced and fined.


Neither Kim nor Vendenberg obtained the written permission from the teen's parents.

Kim, 51, and Vandenberg, 30, were both convicted and ordered to pay $350 in reparation and $130 court costs.

The teen had claimed to be 19 years old but no proof of age was requested.

The maximum penalty for the breach is a fine of $20,000.