A high-end boutique specialising in plus size clothing for women has been robbed of more than $60,000 in stock after a burglar with an eye for fashion struck over the long weekend.

This morning The Carpenters Daughter owner Caroline Marr received a call from one of her employees informing her the store in Tirau, Waikato, had been broken into and one third of her garments cleared from the racks.

"It is 140 garments, with a retail value of $60,000.

"The unusual thing is that they have an eye for fashion," Marr said.


The thief appeared fashion savvy and aware of the designer brands, opting to take only garments from the newest season, she said.

"They went for the top labels and handpicked, grabbed.

"There was care for the garments, a lot of thought and a lot of planning went into it," Marr said.

"I think they are involved with the fashion world."

Interestingly, the store was not left in a mess, the only sign someone had been in was the depleted stocks and the front door left ajar.

Marr said the store may have been targeted on Sunday or Monday.

The clothes stolen included garments from her own brand named after the store, La La, Juna and Euphoria.

The stolen clothes were very identifiable and "all brand new from this season".


"These items can only be found at this store."

"I have been in Tirau for the last six years. I have never been broken into."

The theft wasn't just hurting Marr, who was not insured, but the young Kiwi designers who she helped give a platform.

"It is all New Zealand made by young designers that I help give a platform."

By taking the garments it was also taking away crucial exposure for up and coming designers, she said.

Police confirmed they had received a report of a burglary at the Tirau store.