Record highs of $2.30 a litre for 91-octane fuel have been topped already, with stations on Waiheke Island selling petrol for $2.51 a litre this morning.

And spare a thought for those in even more remote locations - a Great Barrier Island resident contacted the Herald to say 91 had been selling above $3 for some time.

He sent in a photo from the pump on the remote island showing a price of $3.11 per litre.

Another reader quoted the same price for the Chatham Islands.


Great Barrier residents have requested exemption from the Government's Regional Fuel Tax, which will pump prices up by 11.5 cents a litre from July.

Unleaded 91-octane fuel at $3.11 a litre on Great Barrier Island.
Unleaded 91-octane fuel at $3.11 a litre on Great Barrier Island.

Down south, seven petrol stations were selling 91 for more than $2.30 a litre yesterday and two were selling at $2.45 a litre, reports the Otago Daily Times.

Yesterday the Herald asked NZME staffers across the country to send photos of prices at the pump in their towns and cities to see how they fared.

The unscientific survey received more than 100 responses and was enacted after fuel prices hit $2.30 at some stations yesterday - the most it has ever cost in NZ.

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The previous high of $2.27 a litre was reached in 2013 and some are now warning fuel could hit $3 a litre in the not-so-distant future.

Following our roundup, readers got in touch to say they'd spied even dearer prices at their local pump.

Several mentioned skyrocketing prices on Waiheke Island and calls to the BP in Oneroa and the Z in Onetangi this morning confirmed both were selling 91 for $2.51 a litre.


Down south, the Otago Daily Times found the Caltex and Mobil in Wanaka selling fuel for $2.45 a litre, the Omarama Mobil selling at $2.41, the Queenstown Caltex and Frankton Mobil and BPs selling at $2.37 and the Cromwell BP selling at $2.33.

A South Island reader got in touch to say Wanaka always seemed to be the most expensive place to buy fuel.

"Wanaka seems to be always the dearest place in the country fuel-wise. Local residents are tired of the local fuel stations absolutely ripping us off!"

Another reader got in touch to say we'd "missed a trick" by not recommending Gaspy, an app which lets consumers compare petrol prices at nearby stations on their phones.

The app is free to download and updated regularly by users.