Well-known Auckland activist Penny Bright has revealed she has "incurable and inoperable" stage 3 ovarian cancer.

"The fighter in me says - we shall see about that," Bright said after hearing the news on Wednesday.

She claims the massive stress she had been "subjected to over the forced sale of my freehold home has gone straight to my gut".

Bright is currently fighting to keep her Kingsland property as the Auckland Council moves to sell it to recover tens of thousands of dollars of rates and penalties dating back to 2007.

Bright said she put her freehold property on the line 10 years ago in her fight to get the council to become transparent and follow the legislation of Section 17 of the Public Record Act - specifically for private contracts.


The Act detailed the requirement to create and maintain records.

"How can you have transparency without fully detailed public records available for scrutiny by the public?"

"On Monday 14 May 2018, there will be a two-hour hearing for this Interim Injunction Application- to stop the sale, seeking a Judicial Review of the processes and procedures that led to CEO Stephen Town initiating this forced rating sale of my freehold home."