About 60 people came to a public meeting called by the former judge investigating Tauranga City Council's role in the Bella Vista saga.

Security was present at the meeting, held at ASB Arena last night and livestreamed on Facebook.

Attendees included affected homeowners from as far afield as Christchurch, people involved in the builds, senior council staff, media and concerned ratepayers - among them a few unsuccessful candidates in the recent Tauranga by-election.

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Investigator Paul Heath sought to put to rest any concerns about his impartiality and independence from the council, saying he would not be influenced by anyone and had found against councils in previous judgments.

He was satisfied the council was being open with him and said he had received 38 ring binders of information relating to the case so far and had visited the 21 affected properties.

In response to homeowner Colin Mills' question about whether Heath would look into allegations that the council or certain council staff "had it in" for now-liquidated company Bella Vista Homes, Heath said his role was to establish what the council did and did not do, and whether it fell below the standards required, not why it happened.

To investigate why would take at least three to six months, Heath said. His report was due on June 1.

"It is not my job to decide whether the council has any legal responsibility to the owners or other parties."

He asked homeowners to email any photos they had of their land and the building process, as well as any questions or concerns, to an email address council staff would have no access to.

Danny Cancian, former director of Bella Vista Homes, stood up and offered to provide photos and documentation and answer any questions Heath had, promising "full transparency".

Heath said the council was the focus of his investigation, not any other party including the builders and developers, and he would not be making "adverse comments" about anyone who would not have the opportunity to respond.

He said he would not be commissioning independent reports but might ask the advice of independent experts if he felt he needed to.