A man has been arrested in relation to an incident where a 10-tonne truck was stolen in Te Aroha, in Waikato, and taken on a rampage around the town.

Police had to shoot one of the truck's tyres to bring it to a halt.

The truck was reported stolen from a Te Aroha address shortly before midnight last night.

Police say a vehicle also crashed into the front doors of the Morrinsville Police Station around this time - though a police spokeswoman could not confirm this morning whether the truck had caused this damage.

The spokeswoman said the crash caused extensive damage to the front of the building.


The stolen vehicle was located some time after, on State Highway 26, headed towards Te Aroha.

When approached by police the driver failed to stop and drove towards two police cars.

Police cordons were put in place and the Eagle search helicopter was deployed. Police also put road spikes in place at the scene.

After some time, police fired two shots at the front tyre of the truck. It came to a stop shortly after.

The driver, a 54-year-old man, was now in police custody.

Inspector Jeff Penno described the incident as a "quickly evolving" situation which was resolved without injury.

"Police staff involved demonstrated courage and initiative," he said.

An investigation was now underway.