The world's first distilled, non-alcoholic spirits brand has had its official launch in New Zealand with its creator hoping to "shift the paradigm" when it comes to the role drinks play in people's lives.

Ben Branson founded Seedlip at his farm in England in 2015 using a small copper still and a copy of The Art of Distillation written in 1651.

"We developed a bespoke distillation process that uses copper stills to really capture some really unique flavour profiles from real ingredients," says Branson.

"When you serve these spirits with tonic or in non-alcoholic cocktails you get something that's really adult, sophisticated and grown-up."


The non-alcoholic spirits come in two flavours – one made from peas, hay and herbs; the other from berries, cardamom, citrus and oak.

"We get two reactions – either 'oh my God why hasn't this been done before' or 'what the hell is the point of this'."

But judging by the success Seedlip is having around the world it's the former reaction that Branson hears most often.

The drinks are now sold in 15 countries around the world and served in 150 Michelin-starred restaurants.

The first shipment to New Zealand sold out in less than a week and the second was pre-sold.

"We wanted to make complex drinks that are not trying to mimic something else but had the same ritual, same theatre, so that people don't feel left out if they're not drinking."