Whanganui resident Brandon Tilby, 23, appeared in Whanganui District Court on charges of unlawfully interfering with motor vehicles, two breaches of bail and shoplifting.

On January 20, Tilby stole a $53 item from The Warehouse and cut himself unpackaging it, before attempting to break into a vehicle in the underground carpark, smashing a window, the court was told.

From there he moved on to Taupo Quay and approached another vehicle, but set the alarm off and hightailed it to Wilson Street.

There he approached another stationary vehicle, with the same result. He continued further down the street to yet another parked vehicle.


This time Tilby broke his way into the vehicle, but was challenged and fled the scene on foot. He was arrested a short time later.

On January 16 Tilby entered the carport of his neighbour's property, knowing that there was nobody home, and stole a barbecue.

When the neighbour returned Tilby was intoxicated and blamed the incident on someone else.

"It is a low end burglary, it does, however, involve someone entering another person's property," Judge Philip Crayton said.

"As often is the case here, the defendant's offending is aimed at easy targets for his own gain."

Tilby was remanded until April 24.