Eccentric internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has announced he is moving to Queenstown, which he called the "best place in the world".

Dotcom said he was looking forward to "finally" moving to Queenstown in a post on Twitter today.

"Best place in the world!!! Woohoo!!"

Dotcom showed interest in moving further south from Auckland about a year ago saying he was looking forward to raising his children surrounded by "beautiful lakes and mountains instead of spies".


Dotcom shifted to a penthouse waterfront apartment on the fashionable Princes Wharf in downtown Auckland at the end of 2015 after a lease agreement on the Dotcom mansion ended.

The sprawling Coatesville property is now owned by richlister siblings Anna, Mat and Nick Mowbray, founders of global toy company Zuru.

Dotcom was househunting in the Otago resort town last year in August.

In July last year a Hong Kong judge released some of his substantial fortune and four containers of possessions, enabling the move south.

The German-Finnish father-of-five is the founder of now defunct cloud storage service Megaupload. US attempts to extradite him to face charges over Megaupload, which was used by users to share copyright material such as Hollywood movies, have had major political fallout in New Zealand, where the GCSB was found to have illegally spied on him as a resident.