A raging cattle beast charged at cyclists in Hawke's Bay - throwing one into the air - before a passing plumber intervened, using his ute to stop the animal from making more attacks.

Bevan Gully was on his way to a job north of Havelock North last week when he saw the animal, which was among in a herd being moved along the road, charging at the pair on their bikes, Fairfax reported.

When Gully drove up, the cattle beast had its head down and was about to charge at the man on the ground.

"I saw a steer that had got separated from the rest having a crack at a couple of fellas on their bikes. One guy was up against the fence and another was lying on the ground," Gully told Fairfax.


"So I started beeping my horn and just kept driving at the steer. I gave it a good solid hit with the middle of my bull bars."

Cyclist Sam Wenley told Fairfax he had been cycling through the herd when the steer started running alongside him on the road, seemingly agitated. It then turned on him, knocking him off his bike.

Wenley said he must have been in a daze after hitting the road.

"The plumber was the unsung hero, and when I spoke to him later he was really kind and understanding. If he hadn't been there it could have been a lot worse for us."

After hitting Wenley, the steer took off down the road towards two other cyclists, who were stationary.

Gully described the steer picking up speed and hitting another female cyclist head on.

"She just froze then boom! She flew up in the air," he said.

She was left conscious, but was not moving and suffered serious leg injuries.


The Hastings District Council and Hawke's Bay Regional Council said farmers were expected to adhere to NZ Transport Agency rules - which included providing due care to other road users when moving stock.