If it all works the way it's supposed to, Barack Obama will swing a club at Kauri Cliffs and Insta it to the world.

Everyone in the world will see it and book a holiday here. Kauri Cliffs is spectacular. It is all this country can and should be visually.

Just before it opened, and when I played golf, they invited me to test the course. I shot 72. 72 is par. I've only shot 72 twice in my life, that day I could do no wrong. One birdie, one bogey, even after 18.

Now when you see the pictures you will, if you haven't seen the place already, instantly understand why it is what it is. And why they come from everywhere to stay and play.


And here is your ultimate irony: the very place that they will make so much of today, the very place they will wax lyrical about, was built by an American. The very people this Government wants to ban. Julian Robertson has been nothing but a godsend to this country

He has built Kauri Cliffs, he has built Cape Kidnappers in Hawke's Bay which is equally as spectacular. He has taken over Matakauri Lodge in Queenstown. These are jewels in our tourism crown.

And under the law the Government wants enacted, he could not have done what he did. He might have been able to buy the land, but if he built anything on it, he would have to have sold it in 12 months.

Do you think he would have bothered? No, nor do I. And they are doing this, because as Phil Twyford and Stuart Nash are keen to tell us on this programme every time we've asked, there are 4 million New Zealanders who have told them that this is not the sort of activity we want, not the sort of money we want, not the sort of New Zealand we aspire to.

The 4 million is of course crap, but they're hanging onto the belief that they have some political capital in this area - and banning rich people is worth votes. This is despite the ridiculously long line of people in front of the select committee that is telling them it's madness.

Julian and Josephine Robertson have also donated significant artworks to the Auckland Art Gallery.
Julian and Josephine Robertson have also donated significant artworks to the Auckland Art Gallery.

And Kauri Cliffs is as good an example as you can get. By the way, Julian and Mrs Robertson gave a chunk of their art collection to the Auckland Art Gallery, beautiful pieces including Picasso, but we wouldn't want to let any of that get in the way of banning them would we.

Has Robertson benefited from his investment? I'd hope so, but has New Zealand? Will New Zealand today? When a Barack Obama comes to stay, we treat him to the best we have. And look at who built the best we have. A bloke who wouldn't have got a foot in the door if the Labour Government continues down the introspective, small-minded, closed shop road they're now travelling.

Jeez I hope they don't go to Millbrook. That would really be embarrassing, that's another family who would have been banned.