Auckland Transport is advising motorists to back down when it comes to confronting people "saving" a parking spot - even though they have the law on their side.

The advice comes after footage emerged of an angry stand-off in a US carpark when a woman ran to "save" a spot for her family while another couple was attempting to park.

In footage posted on YouTube on Saturday, a woman can be can be seen sprinting from a car to stand in an empty car park in an attempt to block another driver's attempt to park.

As the driver begins to pull in, the woman is seen standing in the car park with her arms out wide, waving for the driver to get back while shouting "I got here first".


Taken aback by the situation, the passenger in the car responds, shouting "Are you serious!" before the driver has a crack.

"You're not even in a car, woman!" he shouts at her.

The woman who is trying to save the car park for someone else stands her ground, pointing at other car parks available for the couple to park into.

Growing more furious, the driver hits back and refuses to move.

"I'm gonna stand here, I got time," the clearly annoyed driver tells the lady.

Another woman joins the lady standing in the car park and begins to attempt to "shoo" the car away with her hands.

Eventually the driver of the car relents and drives away, a response that Auckland Transport Regional Compliance Manager Rick Bidgood says was the right thing to do.

"We've come across it several times on the street with regards to people wanting a particular space outside a store and of course have witnessed a few very heated arguments," says Bidgood.


"Certainly we've seen a couple of instances where people have almost come to blows."

Bidgood says the law doesn't allow members of the public to reserve a car park on the street by either standing in it or by using cones.

But when it comes to drivers insisting on their right to not have a park blocked by an individual, Bidgood urges caution.

"We certainly don't encourage people to jump in and put their arms out and say it's mine because you never know what a driver's response is going to be.

"At the same time demanding someone get out of a park is certainly not something I would actively engage in in any way – you've got to ask yourself is a poke in the nose worth a car park. I say not.

"Voice your opinion and if the other opinion is being voiced a little bit more sternly and loudly than yours, concede. There's always another car park."