The daughter of a terminally ill elderly man who allegedly spent his final days at a Pukekohe rest home with maggots in his foot now says she is upset about the length of time his body was left in his bed.

However, the rest home has defended its care of the man's body, saying it followed standard procedure.

A caller named Corina first told a radio station about a week ago that Palms Lifecare had allegedly neglected her father.

She said there were faeces around her father's room, maggots in his foot and that he was only given paracetamol for pain relief.

RadioLIVE host Mark Sainsbury told The AM Show yesterday the man died early last Friday.


After visiting her father, Corina met Palms Lifecare's management to discuss her allegations but was shocked to find her father had not been moved during that time.

"But not only have they disrespected her father while he was alive, they've done it when he's dead," Sainsbury said.

Heritage Lifecare, the parent company of Palms Lifecare, had launched an investigation into the original complaints but its executive chairman said he did not believe there was anything wrong with the way staff had handled the body.

Executive chairman David Renwick said the man's body was left in the bed so the doctor could certify the death.

His body may have been there slightly longer than if he had died during the day, he said.

"This process can take several hours to complete depending on the time of day death occurs and the doctor's availability.

"The body is respectfully laid ready by staff for collection and for the family to view."

They were half-way through its investigation regarding the initial allegations and would share the findings with everyone at its close, Renwick said.

He was confident the man had been treated with "dignity and respect" in his final hours.