A woman who spent a night on Mt Te Aroha after a short-cut went wrong, is now safely at home.

The 52-year-old called emergency services at 8.30pm yesterday after getting lost as she walked around the Waiorongomai Valley, near the Buck Rock Track.

Senior Sergeant Andrea McBeth, who co-ordinated the search last night, said the woman only had 46 per cent battery life on her cellphone when she contacted emergency services.

She said police did not have serious concerns for her safety as the woman was a local, very fit and knew the mountain well.


Search and rescuers were unable to pinpoint her location and were re-deployed at daylight today.

A police spokeswoman this afternoon confirmed the woman walked herself out of the bush and was now safe and well.

"She walked back to her home around midday and from there contacted police to let us know she was safe."

She said it was a timely reminder for people to refresh their knowledge of what to do if lost in the bush.

That included stop moving, get help, keep warm and look after yourself or your group and wait for help.

Earlier, McBeth said the woman noticed darkness setting in and decided to take a short-cut when she became lost.

Three search and rescue crews were sent out last night but were not successful.

As for the conditions last night, McBeth said it was relatively mild but might have cooled slightly due to the fog.


The Buck Rock Track sits on the southwest ridge of the mountain.

The 4.3km-long walk is regarded as a "high-level pack track" by the Department of Conservation.