For almost 20 years, families of the severely disabled have been fighting to look after their loved ones at home, and to be paid for it. Now, the battle is going beyond the courts.

Like a precious gift, the Appeal Court judgment was forwarded carefully through cyberspace. Emails shuttled from lawyers, to academics, to journalists and back again. Some had subject lines like "this is interesting" or "check the postscript". The most honest had "holy hell" and six exclamation marks.

The next day the case was all over the news. The ruling was hailed as a huge victory for the disability community, as well as the plaintiffs - a disabled man named Shane Chamberlain and his mum Diane Moody - who had taken on the Government over payments made to family members caring for


"I have no future to look forward to"

"You are expected to simply be grateful"

Families' fears over being forgotten