A woman who was robbed at gunpoint after a shift at a family restaurant has spoken about the frightening incident.

The 20-year-old had finished a shift in the kitchen at Mad Dogs and Englishmen on Auckland's North Shore and was chatting at the bar when two masked men rushed in just before midnight yesterday.

Three staff members, including the woman and two bar staff, and two customers were at the bar. A number of other customers were outside the restaurant.

Both men were allegedly carrying firearms, were dressed head to toe in black and wore black balaclavas.


"I had my back to the door. I heard a male's voice say 'everybody get down and give me the money' I just got down where I was, got down by the bar and just stayed as still as I could the whole time.

"They both had guns but only one of them spoke. It was pretty scary."

The woman said the men had "guns pointed" at them the whole time.

"I've never been a situation like this before. It was a huge shock, it's a family restaurant."

The woman said the day had "been crazy and emotional enough" because it was the sixth anniversary of her father's death.

"I think he was there with me during that time and looking down on me," she said.

"It could have been a lot worse that is for sure."

The woman wanted to tell others of the armed robbery because "people need to be aware this type of things is happening."


Police confirmed they were called to the scene of a robbery at 20 Link Drive in Wairau Valley at 11.55pm on Friday night.

"Two males entered the Mad Dogs and Englishmen establishment appearing to be armed with pistols or similar type weapons," police said.

"The two men were wearing black and had black coverings over their faces."

The men confronted the staff and took an undisclosed amount of cash.

The men left in a Subaru station wagon vehicle coloured silver/blue.

No one was injured, and staff and six patrons who were in the pub at the time are being offered appropriate support.

• If anyone saw anything suspicious around that time or was in the area at the time of the robbery, they are encouraged to contact North Shore police Acting Detective Sergeant Kellie Osborne on 09 477 5261 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.