Families across Hawke's Bay have been reminded to make sure their children know how to stay safe, after several incidents of female students being approached while walking to school.

On Tuesday morning Hawke's Bay Police responded to separate calls of female students being approached by a male as they made their way to school in the Taradale and Tamatea areas.

"Both incidents involved the students being approached by a male in a car and at least one of the students was asked if she wanted to get in to the car. Police were unable to locate the vehicles for either of the incidents."

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While these two incidents were in Napier, police notified all Hawke's Bay schools and urged them to remind families to discuss safety with their young ones.

Taradale's Bledisloe School was one of the many which responded by sending out letters with their students.

The Primary School's Principal Carol Bevis said any notification like this was "concerning", and they had sentletters home with their students to advise families about the incidents.

The incidents were frightening for the families and students involved, but Ms Bevis said the school's job was to remind students, and their families about staying safe.

The school's senior team had spoken to all classes about safe walking to and from school, and about what to do if someone approached them.

"I believe the police acted well in notifying schools," she said. "They're doing their job and we'll continue to do our job in reminding students [about safety]."

Yesterday a police spokesperson said they were following up on the reports of the incidents in Taradale and Tamatea.

"Our message to the community is to be alert, not alarmed. We have informed local schools and have told them there will be additional patrols in the areas to provide reassurance."

It was unclear if the two incidents were related, however police urged schools to remind families to speak with their children about safety while walking to and from school, and to tell school and parents of any incidents where they felt unsafe.

He said if anyone saw anything suspicious they should not hesitate to call 111.

Police did not plan on releasing descriptions at this stage.

Police are reminding students and caregivers to:
-Trust your 'gut instinct'.
-If you feel uncomfortable, remove yourself from the situation.
-Tell someone if you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or scared.
-If the first person doesn't help, keep trying until someone does.