A man unhappy with a sentence he was handed down by a judge has been further punished after threatening to smash his lawyer's head in.

Levi Tamati Ihimaera, 26, of no fixed abode, was back before Judge John Macdonald today in the Rotorua District Court where he pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening to injure his lawyer, Tim Barclay.

Ihimaera was sentenced to 40 hours' community work yesterday, by Judge Macdonald after pleading guilty to disorderly behaviour.

Ihimaera told Judge Macdonald he was confused and thought he had got a conviction and discharge, and got "angry" when he realised he had in fact been given community work.


Prosecuting Sergeant Steve Coleman told the judge a security guard at the court overheard Ihimaera tell Barclay near the court entrance "I'm going to smash your f***ing head in, you should do your f***ing job properly". Ihimaera then lunged at Barclay, who stepped away to avoid him.

On Tuesday, Ihimaera was represented by Tim Braithwaite who said Barclay did not want to take part in a restorative justice process or take the matter further.

Ihimaera, in one of several verbal outbursts to the judge, said he often got frustrated and when that built up he would get violent.

Judge Macdonald said there needed to be a consequence for what he did to his lawyer.

"Mr Barclay is no different to anyone else in that regard."

He added another 60 hours' community work to Ihimaera's sentence.