Council is investigating the illegal dumping of rubbish into the sea which took place at The Esplanade in Raumati South.

The council received two calls reporting this illegal dumping on Monday last week, one at 12.47pm and the second just after 1pm.

"Although the response time for retrieving illegally dumped rubbish in public places is two days, council immediately sent out a team to pick up this rubbish," Environmental standards manager Jacquie Muir said.

The retrieved rubbish consisted of a double mattress, several foam mattresses, a cabinet which had to be broken down to fit it into the council truck, and other household garbage.


In total, there was a full truckload of rubbish collected by council from the illegal dumping site. It was disposed of at the Otaihanga transfer station.

Council said that to date, the culprits had not yet been located.

"If located, the people responsible for the illegal dumping of rubbish will be invoiced to recover costs," Ms Muir said.

Those costs include the cost of the council workers' time who were called out to clean up the rubbish dumped and the cost of the rubbish being dumped at the transfer station.

"In cases like this when it is a big illegal tip, and there's evidential sufficiency, we follow up with an invoice.

"The most convenient and environmentally-friendly place at which to dispose of all household and furniture rubbish, as well as household recycling, is at the transfer station."

Transfer stations are in Otaihanga, Waikanae or Otaki for safe disposal of rubbish and recycling items.

Information about recycling and how to dispose of rubbish properly can be found on the council's website