A Kiwi woman has filmed the moment a Bali hotel worker asked her for sexual favours in exchange for a refund.

Aneta Baker posted a video on social media which captures the Ramada Bali Sunset Road Hotel worker requesting a blow job in return for a refund for an extra night she was charged for.

The eight-minute clip shows a private conversation between Baker and the worker, in which she questions his request.

Nine seconds in, the worker says he would like her to give him a blow job in exchange for her cash.


"Because for me it's difficult [to process the refund] ... I just give you the option."

He says the refund isn't coming from the hotel, but instead from his own money, and he hints at the fact he should be rewarded for this deed.

Baker hits back at the request, saying she is married and his behaviour is inexcusable.

"You know I'm married and you want me to give you a blow job.

"Doesn't that seem strange to you? Is it not, like, pretty unprofessional."

In her post, Baker said she was shocked that a person in a position of authority would make such a suggestion.

"[He] waited till I was alone, then proposed he would give me the refund 'but what would I give him' were his exact words...

"To which I responded with, 'how about a smile and some gratitude' to which he asked, 'how about a.... *something inappropriate*'.


"So I instantly started the sneaky record to catch this guy out!"

After the recording, Baker said she requested to speak to someone above the worker.

"Who didn't do anything about it, and then I pressed and pressed to speak to the highest person in charge, not giving up even though being mucked around for almost an hour.

"The big boss and general guest services manager was eventually called down and he was as shocked as I was that one of his workers would ever do this.

"The boss man was incredibly apologetic and has said that this person would not have a job the next day."

Baker said the incident was not a reflection of the hotel, but purely the individual.

"No one should experience this and I'm somewhat glad it happened to me so I can be a voice for the voiceless, that I can speak up for those who may not have felt they could!" she said.

The video has been viewed over 8.7 million times since it was uploaded on February 3. The employee has since been fired.

"We are very sorry that the guest experienced it in our hotel, of course we do not condone this behavior from our staff members," the hotel told Indonesian media.