Who would have thought that I'd score the Prime Minister higher in marking the new Government's first 100 days in office?

On Monday I asked Ms Adern to mark her opening stanza.
10 being perfect, 1 a disaster.

She gave herself 7. I burst out laughing. She thought I was ridiculing her extravagance, when in fact I couldn't believe how poorly she had marked herself.

I gave her about 9.25.


Because they have by and large done what they said they would do.
I am a big believer in delivering on what you promise.

Now having said that, there is a very important distinction to make in this area.
Delivering what you said you would, is very different to whether or not any of it is any good.

I have serious doubts over a decent chunk of what Labour are up to, especially in the industrial relations area.

The announcements recently over tea breaks and 90 day trials are but a taste of the real business, which is yet to be spelled out, and it's in that detail the trouble is coming.

Never let it be forgotten that the Labour party is run by the unions and this is their day in the sun and they are not going to let it slip by.

But back to the first 100 days which are up on Saturday.
They have not just delivered, but done so with minimum fuss.

Both New Zealand First and the Greens have largely been invisible thus making the journey easier.

There has been the media love fest with the Prime Minister, so she has had a good run, and the economy at this point anyway remains in very robust health so it's not like we've been at the gates fuelled with anger looking for a whole series of answers.


They've also been smart with what they've promised.
Thus not falling in to the trap of under delivery.
It's been a solid mix of tangible and big picture puffery.

Student allowances, free study, minimum wage adjustments, simple easy boxes to tick, and popular with the supporter base.

The rest has been inquiries and committees … once again easy to set up … but achieving little if anything.
From tax to the Hobbit law to mental health there are dozens upon dozens of people now in work, sitting round tables staring at white boards, listening to submissions, building up to a concluding report that will go lord knows where.

It will cost us millions, but it takes all those issues out of the headlines for months on end.
The mental health inquiry is gone for the whole year, this gives a new government breathing room, when anyone asks what's going on, you can put on your best earnest expression on and tell them, "that this government is taking the matter very very seriously and looks forward to what the committee has to say in the fullness of time."
Which leads me to what this government is really all about, and in that I am still not quite sure.

Why? Because I suspect they're machiavellian. Pike River and the TPP give us the clue.
They told us they had expert advice that Pike was accessible today.

And yet we are not in the mine nor are we any closer, that was plain straight up and down deception.


Spouted in an election campaign to draw votes and sympathy. They should be ashamed of themselves. The TPP, they weren't signing, now they are.
They claim they've made changes, but we haven't seen the text -I wonder why.

You can toss immigration in there too if you like, cuts of 20 to 30,000 was the policy, after they get in government, suddenly the "numbers aren't important ", well they were when you were looking for votes.
That's the stuff long term that will potentially bite them.

Their toughest days are yet to come, never forgetting of course that in the one major poll post the election they still trail the opposition in popularity badly.

They are not there because they won, they are there because Winston picked them.
Forget the 100 days; the real goal is to start winning in the polls.