A Wellington motorist was appalled when he spotted a car barrelling through Ngauranga Gorge on SH1 with a mattress threatening to blow off its roof.

The unnerving sight was witnessed by Wellington resident Lachlan Forsyth during rush hour this evening.

The mattress was "threatening to blow off the roof", he said, with the driver attempting to hold it down while he drove.

"The driver was holding on to one of the ropes with one of his hands while driving," Forsyth said.


"It looked like it was going to blow right off."

While the car initially looked as though it would take the Johnsonville exit from the motorway, it then changed lanes and careened on down the motorway.

"He wasn't taking a short drive with this mattress on his roof, that's for sure."

Forsyth pointed out the shenanigans were happening on a day where Wellington didn't need any more traffic woes.

Wellington's train services through Kapiti, Hutt Valley and Melling Line were all suspended from around 3.30pm, and were only just coming back from 7pm tonight.

A Transdev spokesperson said there was a power failure caused by a fault in the overhead lines, just outside the Wellington railway station.

Thousands of commuters were thrown into chaos, with crowds of people waiting for alternative transport.

A police spokeswoman said they were made aware of this vehicle this evening and would follow up as appropriate.