The Auckland Harbour Bridge will trip the light fantastic tonight when it comes alive in a brilliant light and sound show.

At 9.10pm the landmark will be lit up by 90,000 LED lights and 200 floodlights for Vector Lights – a six-minute specially-composed sequence featuring original music and spectacular lighting effects.

The solar energy-powered show – which references Tama-Nui te Ra (the sun), Hikohiko (electrical energy), and Hei te Ao Marama (the future world of light) - will be repeated at 9.30pm, then every half hour until midnight, with static light displays in between.

People are being encouraged to find their own viewing spaces in the city to enjoy the show - part of a 10-year energy efficiency partnership between power company Vector and Auckland Council.


"Because the bridge can be viewed from so many different angles, you get quite different experiences depending on where you are," creative director Jonny Kofoed said.

Suggested on Vector's website as viewing sites were Harbour View Beach Reserve, Te Atatu Peninsula; Sentinel Beach, Herne Bay; Mount Eden; Little Shoal Bay, Northcote; Auckland waterfront; Bayswater Marina; Queens Parade, Devonport; Mount Victoria, Devonport; and Bastion Point.

A number of the animation moves in Vector Lights, which illuminates the vibrancy and power of Auckland's richly diverse cultures, will match sounds of those cultures including Polynesian drumming.

The show will be live streamed online at and

Coast radio station, on Auckland 105.4 FM, will play the sounds in synch with the light show for the 9.10pm and 9.30pm shows, and there will also be a dedicated audio stream on

And ahead of the big reveal, police have urged those set to take in the extravaganza - including those heading out into the harbour - to be safe.

Auckland City police Inspector Ben Offner said: "Police numbers will be at regular capacity during the event and are equipped to deal with the number of people expected.

"Maritime police will have a number of RIBs in the harbour for prevention purposes too. There is likely to be a number of vessels in the harbour and police remind boaties to wear a life jacket, avoid alcohol and be responsible.


"We encourage everyone to have a good time and be safe. Think about using public transport to get into the city which would prevent having to find a carpark. If you do bring your car, make sure you lock it and don't leave any valuables in it, always carry them with you.

"Keep a close eye on your children and enjoy the show."

Boaties were also asked to "remember to turn off all non-essential lights during the shows… to maximise the visual experience for everyone", a Vector Lights spokesperson said.

As the Sky Tower shows its colours in support of various events throughout the year, the bridge will be programmed to celebrate special occasions, including Waitangi Weekend and Auckland Pride in February, and the Auckland Lantern Festival in March.