A Dunedin man who stabbed a nurse in the neck with scissors after molesting her will remain behind bars for at least another 15 months.

Michael John Chilcott, 26, turned up at the young mother's Duncan St flat out of the blue asking for a glass of water and she let him into the house.

He hit her from behind with a coffee mug, punched her, pushed her into her bedroom and threatened to harm her child if she was not quiet.

Chilcott then pulled off her pyjama trousers and indecently assaulted her before pulling out a pair of scissors and stabbing her around the face and neck.


He then tried to choke her and smother her with a pillow.

Chilcott was jailed for nine years and nine months by Judge John Macdonald in the Dunedin District Court in 2013.

The judge imposed a minimum non-parole period of five years and the prisoner saw the Parole Board for the first time recently.

''This offending represents a serious escalation for Mr Chilcott. The judge's sentencing notes make for chilling reading indeed, with the judge describing the injuries to the victim as truly serious,'' panel convener Martha Coleman noted.

At his sentencing the judge believed the motivation for the attack was sexual but Chilcott denied that.

He was due to start a treatment programme to address the depravity behind his offending and would likely enter rehabilitation for drug addiction afterwards.

Chilcott's counsel said his client's use of synthetic cannabis was a factor behind the attack and also referred to the man's alienation as a child ''which sent him down an antisocial pathway''.

''All in all, the position appears to be that Mr Chilcott is now doing well in prison and is eager and anxious to start his rehabilitative pathway,'' Coleman said.

She hoped he would start his treatment ''sooner rather than later''.

Without it, Chilcott would remain an undue risk, and the board noted he was not realistically seeking parole at the hearing.

Supporters of the prisoner had written letters detailing how they might stabilise him on his release but Coleman said there was only the ''skeleton'' of a plan as it stood.

Chilcott's victim at his sentencing said it was her judo training that saved her life.

''When I think back to what happened, I remember a feeling of overwhelming terror,'' she said at the time.

The woman suffered three stab wounds to the front of her neck - the largest of which was 5cm wide and 5cm deep - a 4cm deep cut to her face and three behind her ear.