Drunk teens, sexual assaults and arrests are the last things a town wants to be known for.

It's an issue that lots of little beach communities battle as they swell with holiday revellers over the silly season.

Making New Year's safe was the inspiration behind alcohol free event Wavefront in Whangamata.

Community stalwart and Beach Hop founder Noddy Watts said it was time for a change after swathes of arrests over the New Year period for the last few years.


Around 100 alcohol infringement notices were dished out over the last two New Years in Whangamata.

"The police and St John were getting frustrated with the result and said it has to change," Watts said.

"They were dealing with drunk teens, that's not what they are there for. That's what parents are there for.

"We want no arrests, no one hurt, no injuries and it's a fun, safe place with no dramas. That's what people want. It's a positive community."

The Wavefront event was put on by four promoters whose main objective was to improve the town. The all-ages party will run from 6.30pm on January 31 and include acts like Alien Weaponry, Benny Tipene and MeloDownz.

Around 60 security guards would help make the event run smoothly, Watts said.

"Parents can drop kids off and know they'll be safe and have a good night."

Promoter Denis Beaver said the council was helping out with the infrastructure and they had spread the cost of the stage over three shows - with Sol3 Mio and Shapeshifter performing later in the summer - so they could keep tickets at $25.

He said in previous years the drinking had been so bad St John had established a drunk tent.

"The issue is we end up with a small city population but the facilities aren't here. St John and the police, they all struggle. It got uncontrollable.

"This is about establishing something for the future, whether we make any money or not."