Christmas will never be the same again for one Te Puke couple who welcomed their second daughter this morning.

Florence Takarangi and Enoch Tobe welcomed Alicyianna Mary Takarangi at 1.20am after being born by caesarean section at Tauranga Hospital - the first Christmas Day birth at the hospital.

Her relieved parents said it was definitely an eventful few hours after driving from Te Puke to Bethlehem Birthing Centre where Alicyianna had been expected to be born.

"My due date was December 18 so baby was overdue and the past week I had been having Braxton Hicks but Alicyianna was determined to come in her own time," Takarangi said.


"I originally booked into Bethlehem Birthing Centre and we arrived there at 11.20pm last night but we were immediately referred to Tauranga Hospital to have a scan.

"Baby was in the breech position so she had to come out. Alicyianna was delivered by C-section. it was pretty scary as I had never gone through anything like this before.

"I was so relieved and happy and there were many tears when she was born and I was told she was a healthy baby," she said

Alicyianna Mary, weighing 3980g, is a sister to 19-month- old Esthella-Rose.

Takarangi said when they left the birthing centre to drive to the hospital they originally went the wrong way and were almost halfway home before they could turn around.

"I keep saying to Enoch we need to hurry as we didn't have a lot of time," she said.

Tobe said he was so relieved and happy when his new daughter arrived safely and was told his partner, although in some pain, was okay.

Takarangi said for the past week she had been nesting getting ready for the new baby to arrive including gardening and cooking up a mean feast for Christmas Day lunch.


"Now me and baby will be spending a few days in hospital instead but I couldn't be happier as Alicyianna is a beautiful baby and the hospital staff have been wonderful.

"All I hope for Alicyianna is that she lives a long life, and she grows up in a happy, safe environment, knowing she couldn't be more loved."