The investigation into the disappearance of Nigel Peterson is ongoing and Rotorua police are still receiving information of sightings around the Bay of Plenty, which they say is encouraging.

Constable John Fredericksen said police had sought the expertise of the Behaviour Science Unit to build a better understanding of Peterson, who is autistic, and to establish his movements around the time he went missing.

Volunteers, friends and family are still searching across the wider Bay of Plenty and appeal to the wider community to continue to contact police if they believe they have information that can help.

Police urge people who are reporting sightings to take the time to record as much detail as possible about the person they have seen and report it in a timely manner.


Please call 111 if you have just seen a person you believe to be Peterson or Rotorua Police on (07) 348 0099 if the information is historical.

Peterson, 33, was last seen in CCTV footage at the Hemo Gorge roundabout about 4pm on Friday, November 17.

He ran away from his 24-hour caregiver about 3pm that same day and ran towards Old Taupo Rd.

He is slim and of medium height. He may be wearing a green T-shirt, light brown pants, brown sneakers and a denim jacket. Peterson often wrings his hands and may talk to himself. He walks with an unusual gait and leans to the side as he moves. It is now likely he has ginger facial hair.

10 Dec, 2017 6:03pm
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