Auckland Airport welcomes thousands of people that return to or visit New Zealand to spend time with friends and family at Christmas. We present some of these magic moments.

Waiting patiently with sign in hand and peering through the Customs exit doors are Clare, Duncan and Evie Bliss who await the arrival of family.

Moving from England to Auckland last year, the Bliss family decided to surprise the Macklins on their arrival.

After 18 months apart and a lengthy haul from their England home, Clare's sister Jackie and her husband Pete Macklin arrived in Auckland on Monday.


Exiting Customs into the arrivals terminal at Auckland International Airport the Macklins thought they would meet up with their Kiwi migrant family later - although the Bliss family were waiting for them.

Coming together in a pre-Christmas present the family members hugged each other and laughed about the surprise.

Leaving the United Kingdom and arriving in New Zealand, Pete Macklin said he was looking forward to more moderate weather.

The families will spend Christmas day in Havelock North with a third sister of Jackie Macklin and Clare Bliss who lives there.

This isn't the first trip to New Zealand the Macklins have made, but they are looking forward to travelling to places such as Hot Water Beach and other areas around the North Island again.