Former National and Act party leader Don Brash will attend the powerful Whangarei Girls' High School play Waiora tomorrow night to receive a lesson of his own.

After hearing Mr Brash asking why he should have to listen to Maori being spoken on National Radio during an interview with the station earlier this month, the show's director decided to invite him along to the show to find out.

Mr Brash had weighed in to the debate on the use of te reo on RNZ saying it shouldn't be "forced" on English-speaking people.

The former politician turned spokesperson for the group Hobson's Pledge told Kim Hill on Saturday Morning on December 2 that he did not like listening to Morning Report presenter Guyon Espiner "spouting on" in Māori when he turned on the programme each morning.


"We're being forced to listen to these sentences by Guyon Espiner without any trace of translation provided ... I have no idea what he is saying," he said.

That prompted William Walker, the director of the hugely popular and successful Waiora play, to contact Mr Brash.

Mr Walker contacted Mr Brash and invited him to attend Waiora in the hope that he might find the answer to his question in the performance and Mr Brash has taken up the challenge and confirmed that he will be attending at 7pm tomorrow night.

''I recommend that anybody who has an issue with the prevalence of Maori words on government buildings and documents and on public radio and television, come to the show.'' Mr Walker said.

''Waiora is a totally engaging show that vividly illustrates the issues Maori faced when they were adapting to the new industrial/capitalist lifestyle the Pakeha brought with them to New Zealand. If we understand that, we understand the importance of inclusion of Maori culture in mainstream New Zealand today. Good on Don for taking up the challenge."

Whangarei Girls' High School has added two extra dates to their graduation production Waiora. The play, written by Hone Kouka, was first performed by the school in May but due to high demand it was brought back. It is the first time one of the school's Year 13 graduation productions has returned for a second season.

The last show was expected to be Sunday but because of popularity the school has added two more shows tomorrow and Friday at 7pm.