The 15-year-old driver killed in a crash alongside a 25-year-old man last week has been named.

Minna Haques died on Thursday night when the car she was driving collided with another vehicle at an intersection at Dairy Flat, north of Auckland.

Minna did not have a driver's licence.

Her passenger Ben Eades, 25, was also killed.


His mother Kay Moore spoke to the Herald on Sunday about the tragedy.

"Who wants to be planning their child's funeral just before Christmas?," she said.

Moore said she did not know Haques, or what the teenager and her son were doing the night they died.

The Herald has reached out to Haques' family.

They are yet to respond.

Her sister posted a photograph of the pair together on Facebook.

"II love and miss you more than anything," she wrote.

"You'll always be my best friend."


Tributes have been posted on social media by friends of the teenager.

"I'm gonna miss you Minna Haques. Eleven years of friendship, you were always there for me through my darkest times," said one friend.

"I remember all are fun nights being reckless and going out with you and your family to the movies, (I) always had the best vibe with you."

Minna's death prompted another friend to appeal to others to be careful on the roads.

"You'll definitely be missed, and I'm definitely not gonna be doing all that crazy shit from now on knowing how quick that was," the friend wrote.

"Please everyone be careful on the road this summer, don't drink and drive and don't do stupid sh*t with passengers because you honestly have no idea what could be waiting about the corner.


"I want my friends and family alive."

"Finding out that you passed is truly f**ked up," another friend posted.

"You were so young and beautiful and had so much more life to live."

Another friend wrote she was "very happy" to be part of Minna's life.

She said she was Minna's nanny when she was younger and for the last few years, considered herself the teen's "big sister".

"I promise i will support and protect your sister for the rest of my life," she said.


Police are still investigating the cause of the crash which happened at 9.40pm on Dairy Flat Highway near the intersection with Potter Rd.

Two other passengers were injured - one seriously and the other moderately. Both were taken to Auckland Hospital.

Moore told the Herald on Sunday that some of her family members were taking their children to the scene of the crash that claimed her son's life to give them a stark warning about how dangerous being a motorist could be.

"They want to show them what happens when you lose control of a vehicle to really bring it home," she said.

"Please, drive safely and sensibly and don't drink and drive. Find somebody willing to be a sober driver, or use an Uber. You do not want this happening to you."

She described her son as a "lovable rogue" who, despite being a bit mischievous, had a heart of gold.


"He did things he probably shouldn't have and we almost thought, 'Are we going to get that knock on the door with news like this'. But he seemed to have about 100 lives," she said.