A man on a raft of charges relating to ripping off elderly people across Auckland is thought to be reoffending while on bail.

Police are hunting Sivi Crichton and are appealing for the public to help find the alleged scammer.

Crichton, who also goes by the name Sivi Puaga, is facing a significant number of charges in court for stealing from elderly people.

Detective Senior Sergeant Kevin McNaughton told the Herald Crichton allegedly tricked elderly people into letting him inside their homes by pretending he was working for well-known organisations.


"He preys on elderly people," McNaughton said.

"He uses several ruses to get into older people's houses."

Whilst inside he searches the house and steals credit cards, cash and other items, McNaughton said.

Crichton appeared in the District Court on a raft of burglary charges and was released on bail.

"We have reason to believe he's still offending and preying on the elderly," McNaughton said.

All of his alleged victims were elderly people who McNaughton said were vulnerable.

"We have conducted a number of inquiries to try and locate him," said McNaughton.

"Now we are looking for the public's help."

McNaughton said there were numerous warrants out for Crichton's arrest.

He appealed for anyone who knew where he was to contact police immediately.

Can you help?

If you know where Crichton is contact Detective Tovi on 021 191 0320 or the Counties Manukau crime squad on 09 261 1321.