Aussie lingerie beauty Elle Macpherson is enjoying down time in New Zealand.

The model, nicknamed The Body, has been sharing stunning shots of her travels this week on her Instagram page.

So far the Australian beauty has posted breathtaking scenery from the Far North in the secluded sanctuary of the Bay of Islands.

One stunning vista is taken overlooking Kororareka Bay at Russell. Shafts of sunlight stream through moody clouds as the water barely raises a ripple lapping on the stony shoreline.


She simply describes it as "End of day...magic".

End of day... magic.

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She also adds a short video for her 300,000 fans to watch, capturing the tranquil sea setting as dark clouds close in.

In another shot outside the famous Duke of Marlborough hotel on the main Russell shore she captures the full beauty of a pohutukawa lit by a single spot light as night descends across the bay.

Walk by the water. NZ.

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She has even paid homage to the New Zealand Christmas tree posting a short video of light sparkling through branches laden with the iconic red blooms swaying gently in the breeze.

Many admiring the views have been stumped by the location, fans confusing the heavenly secluded setting with Florida and Auckland.

The area where MacPherson is home to luxury resort Eagles Nest, a holiday haven for the rich and famous.