Living on the streets, Selena was fending for herself and her puppies before the SPCA came to her rescue.

During her stay she impressed SPCA staff with her agility, her zest for life, her sweet nature and her great cuddles, a spokesperson said.

Regardless, it was six months before Selena was able to find a new home.

Now she has one and with a new name of Sal, her new family agree that she gives great cuddles.


They say Sal has settled in like "a proverbial duck to water" with a cosy new bed, and lots of cuddles and attention for the rest of her hopefully long, happy and healthy life.

How to adopt

The expert team at the SPCA will take the time to match you to the right pet for your family. You can search for your new pet online or visit them in person.

When it comes to the adoption of your new pet, everything is ready to go. The SPCA ensure that all animals are healthy and prepared for their new homes.

Prices of adoption

Kitten: $170
Adult Cat: $110
Senior Cat: $60
Puppy: $285
Adult Dog: $265
Senior Dog: $160
Rabbit: $65
Guinea Pig: $30